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Sudeep Pharma Ltd. PressCAL™ grades are the highest quality, directly compressible, free-flowing Calcium carbonate granules available for the nutritional and pharmaceutical industry.

Produced under GMP and HACCP conditions PressCAL™ grades meet all relevant product specifications including E170, Regulation (EC) 629/2008, EP, BP, FCC, and USP. California Proposition 65 guidelines for lead content are met, too.

The superior flow, compressibility and overall quality of PressCAL™, along with outstanding customer service, high flexibility and competitive pricing, make PressCAL™ Calcium carbonates the best choice for the production of Calcium tablets and capsules.

PressCAL™ - the leading source

of Calcium carbonate DC in Europe

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Manufacturer of Ground (natural) and of Precipitated Calcium carbonate (synthetic)

Full HACCP and GMP certified production facilities

Own tabletting R&D facilities

Customized products available on short term

Stock capacities in Europe for short time supplies

Specifications according to E170, Reg. (EC) 629/2008, EP

Kosher and Halal certified products

Non Allergen, non GMO, non irradiation products

Batch wise analysis of compression parameters including tabletting reports

Products   |   Customized grades upon request   |  

Ground Calcium carbonate powder (ultra-fine to coarse micronisations)

Precipitated Calcium carbonate (fine to coarse micronisations)

Oyster shell Calcium (fine powders and directly compressible grades)

Ground Calcium carbonate DC (various PressCAL™ grades)

Precipitated Calcium carbonate DC (various PressCAL™ grades)

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Ground Calcium carbonate Powder

Oyster Shell Calcium Powder and DC

Precipitated Calcium carbonate Powder

Precipitated Calcium carbonate Powder

Ground Calcium carbonate DC

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